Hurricane Charley

I am pleased that I managed to miss the effects of Hurricane Charley. While I do like the force of a hurricane and would one day like to actually feel the wind and rain for myself first hand, it is something not to take to be a trivial storm. After living in Florida for long enough I will be able to be a witness one personally by the time I die. At that time I’m sure I will not want anything too harsh… and if it never happens, then so be it.

On the other hand, I wish that real people were not affected by the storm and that everyone could simply enjoy nature. I am not big on power outages or even a leaky roof, and after seeing some of the preliminary damage it is apparent what can be done by a category 4 hurricane.

Even though the two hit different areas of the state, it reminds me about how I was feeling months after hurricane Andrew (late August 1992 — the first day of public school in Palm Beach County, no less). What I mean is I can remember some of my new classmates were in my 5th grade class because their schools or houses were destroyed. One blonde haired girl in particular I can distinctly picture in my mind, but cannot remember her name to save my life. I cannot fathom that kind of change now, much less when I was barely a ten year old. It’s solemnly ironic that something I did not even know existed until two days ago has made someone I do not even know today (nor will I probably ever know) homeless.

Good things, though, do sometimes come out of what at first seems to be the worst of times. Trying to see past the damage or hurt as I sit here in my home with electricity, food, and water is obviously easier to imagine than when going through a traumatic event.. but it is something I have experienced on one level or another, and will certainly try to remember the next time I am placed in a seemingly hopeless situation.

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