The Almost First Day of Grad School

Let me preface this with how I will never post about my day with minuscule details as are given as an example in the following excerpt:

“So today I fed my cat and/or pet lizard, went to drop off my Star Trek watch at the jeweler, and then ate pizza with my friends. Overall it was a good day, I guess it could have been better, but it was just good. I’ll post again tomorrow with more boring as hell commentary that will inevitably be pointless.”

On the same note, if I ever give a laundry list exposing the dullness of my life or what I drank last night or last weekend then I will surely never add anything further for I will have broken my own promise. For these reasons, I have waited a long time to put something like this together. I should put my rules on paper – although unlikely, maybe I’ll do that tomorrow and I’ll be sure to record it here.

I haven’t traveled on an RTS bus to get to campus in over two years, so when I got on this morning near Kari’s apartment it was a shock. I wasn’t taken back with the fact I was on the bus, it was that everyone on there seemed so young. So young in fact that I thought I was actually doing something wrong by looking at some of the girls because they looked like they were seventeen. In some cases you just can’t help but look because they are wearing almost nothing. After all, it is Florida in August. Besides, it’s not that looking is a crime but I’m into people around my age or older. Some of these people were in middle school the first time I set foot onto a college campus. Soon enough I’ll be too old for any college girls. That will be a sad, sad day.

I shouldn’t classify this as my first real day of graduate school because I’m only enrolled in one course on Monday, so I decree tomorrow to be the official day. Today was more of a warm-up, but I do like the setup of two of my classes. In an effort to attract busy professionals, the College of Engineering has been doing a FEEDS program in which they stream the class over the internet to off campus students. This serves a dual purpose in that if I miss a class it will be available to me on the web so I don’t miss all that much. It’s not something to fall back on, but not a reliable replacement for actually attending the lectures. I’m paying enough, so I want to be there.

I’m looking forward to being immersed in school again. I’ve forgotten what it is like being excited about starting something new and how I still have the potential to stay ahead in all of my classes. Undoubtedly that feeling doesn’t last more than a week or two, but for now I will revel in it and pretend it will last all year.

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