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Pain is Normal

The most predictable human defense is denial. Continue reading

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So, I Should Take a What?

I don’t understand the reasoning behind the proverbial hint, when it comes to getting it or taking one. Continue reading

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Cool Air

It reminded me on a time when I was very young — probably only about 4 or 5 — and was in the backseat of my dad’s car. Continue reading

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A Kiss

I’m fairly forward about everything else so why I can’t bring myself to kiss someone for the first time remains a mystery to me. Continue reading

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Why is it that we as humans always have the need to escape from everything? Continue reading

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This Time

Usually by this time, I’m already asleep and not thinking about what I am wanting right now. Being single, as I am, has many great benefits but one main downfall: loneliness. The way I feel about it isn’t an all … Continue reading

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The Trouble with Starting Something New

Why does starting something new always have to be painful? Not necessarily painful emotionally, but physically like when starting a new exercise regimen. For me, beginning anything again or for the first time is torture. Why can’t I have already … Continue reading

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My Eyes

I’ve always liked the way my eyes felt after I cried Continue reading

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Five Places

Amid the hurricane mess, I managed to write a few things down in between power outages. Continue reading

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Smart Birds Know

It’s scary when law enforcement in some places have started marking the roads with orange spray paint so when the road signs are missing emergency crews can find their way around — something that started to happen after Hurricane Andrew … Continue reading

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