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Knowing People

I’ve made connections with a lot of people, but I’m not naive enough to believe I know everything about them. Continue reading

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Kill Me, Just Kill Me

I cannot possibly describe how much I hate when I hear or read these three words together: maybe, just maybe. Mostly I’ll hear it in films when some underdog character is trying overcome insurmountable odds. Recently, though, I read it … Continue reading

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My Pessimistic View on Dating

Some people have heard me talk about this for a while now, mostly at work when my girl friends talk about how they are treated by men. Very few do I hear from guys but that’s most likely due to … Continue reading

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Anything Worthwhile Goes Through Conflict

The people I admire most are those who have either been through something difficult with me or at least been through something similar. Continue reading

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My First Midterm

So as of Tuesday at five o’clock I’ve been finished with my first midterm as a graduate student. Continue reading

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Thoughts That Happen When Everything Else is Clear

It reminded me how I felt when Jenni Ihns and I went to the boardwalk. It was cool outside and the sky was crystal clear with the moon as bright as I’ve ever seen it. Continue reading

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I am Ready, or am I Blind?

Keep in mind I’m not saying that I would ever want to go to war, but if I had no choice I think I could take something positive from the experience. Continue reading

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My Small Light

So much of what I am today can be attributed to something seemingly insignificant when I was growing up. Continue reading

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One Thing About Arrogant People

What is with the smug, arrogant sons of bitches that get off by making you believe they must be the smartest people alive? Continue reading

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Appeasement or Sincerity

Today I got to thinking about how many times a day I say “I’m sorry” versus the number of times I actually feel sorry for something that I’ve done or said. Continue reading

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