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The Radio Shack Guy

In an attempt to make a Smart House presentation a little bit more aesthetically pleasing I headed to Radio Shack to buy a case with a 4 AA battery holder. I walk into the store on my phone and immediately … Continue reading

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Missing ‘Made Simple’

My roommate Louie had told me about John Basedow from TV’s Fitness Made Simple series of advertisements is missing in Phuket, Thailand. I guess it didn’t matter how fit that guy was, the water was too much. Check here for … Continue reading

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The First and the Last

I don’t recall much about being a young child, but I can remember odd things like the first time I had any recollection of the furniture in my house being rearranged or when I called the fire department because my … Continue reading

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One Annoying Thing About Waking Up Early

…The only other left to do is to try and be productive, but I just want to sleep… Continue reading

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My First Lecture

Next Tuesday I’m going to be giving my first ever full 50 minute lecture to the IMDL class. I guess it isn’t so much a lecture, but a tutorial on how to create robot parts that will eventually be cut out of balsa wood…. Continue reading

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One Thing Accepted

It always seems as soon as I count something or someone out a door to that thing or person opens. Continue reading

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Google Profiled on 60 Minutes (CBS)

It’s amazing to see a company that started only six years ago be worth more than Ford and General Motors (combined). I find it even more amazing that Google is so successful and hasn’t even put out a television commercial. … Continue reading

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New Site Update

After a long time of tweaking and fixing things, I’ve decided to go with this design for a little while. If you are inclined to do so, feel free to comment on this or any entry… you don’t need to … Continue reading

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