One Thing Accepted

It always seems as soon as I count something or someone out a door to that thing or person opens. Case in point: This semester I’ve been granted to opportunity to be a teaching assistant (TA) for the robots class I took last year. Not only was the appointment a complete surprise when I found out about it last month, but coupled with the fact that after I was hired I discovered my full tuition was being paid for me… well, that was a total shock.

Looking at any of the benefits, I’m most excited about getting the opportunity to give my design ideas to students. I look forward to working and helping because it is all new to me, and I think with my innate work ethic I will excel. I’m in for a hectic semester with my new circuit design job, the TA position, and my three classes. Through each new part of my life, my goals are to have fun, learn, and secure gainful future employment.

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