My First Lecture

Next Tuesday I’m going to be giving my first ever full 50 minute lecture to the IMDL class. I guess it isn’t so much a lecture, but a tutorial on how to create robot parts that will eventually be cut out of balsa wood. It’s not so much having to talk for a long time, it’s having to be interesting and effective. One thing that makes me moderately nervous is the fact I’m not an AutoCAD expert. Furthermore, AutoCAD isn’t something one can teach in one class period so it’s more of a crash course that is meant to give a basic understanding and foundation from which to work. There’s also the chance that I will make a fool out of myself, but I hope that won’t happen. Three pairs of individual pieces will combine to make a three dimensional box — if not, I’m in trouble.

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  1. Crystal says:

    You will be fine… I believe this is what i call worrying about nothing!

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