The Radio Shack Guy

In an attempt to make a Smart House presentation a little bit more aesthetically pleasing I headed to Radio Shack to buy a case with a 4 AA battery holder. I walk into the store on my phone and immediately one man accosts me and asks if I need help finding anything. Pretty familiar with the store and what they sell I tell him no and that I’ll be okay on my own. So after 30 seconds of searching I find the area with the battery holders and it takes me another minute to find the right kind and I feel fairly lucky that I will walk away with only spending $2 on it. I go up to the counter and another employee asks if that is all I need and the conversation goes something like this:

Ok, well how about some batteries to go with this holder?

No, thank you.

Are you sure? We’ve got a special deal on AA batteries right now — they’re 10 for $4.

I’m pretty much all set.

Well, can I have your zip code?


Do you have cell phone service?


With which company?

[looking around thinking you’ve got to be joking] Verizon [even though I have Sprint because Radio Shack backs Verizon so I figured he’d give me a break instead of trying to convince me to change]

Verizon? Well, how long have you been in a contract?

Are you joking? Can I please have my receipt?

How about we just upgrade your phone?

I just want my receipt… thanks.

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