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It’s been a while since I’ve put something meaningful to read on here because I haven’t been all too philosophical about anything ‘public.’ I need to start getting back to putting my thoughts down on paper instead of only thinking … Continue reading

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Round Two, Perhaps

Today I received a copy of an email today from one of my professors to the vice chair of the department asking for me to again be one of the teaching assistants for the robotics class over the summer. It … Continue reading

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Departing on Gate Three

Over the past two days, there seems to be quite a bit of words and thought about a candle. Whether it was the person who purchased it, the guest who commented on it, or what has been crossing my mind … Continue reading

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When It Comes Around

I’m not sure how to explain it but it always seems to me that if I try to make any kind of life plan or decision as to how I want to end up, something goes awry and in the … Continue reading

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The Resume

I think tomorrow i’m going to show up tomorrow with a Hawaiian t-shirt, a pair of board shorts, sandles, and a six foot sombrero… and I’ll see how the cattle call goes. Continue reading

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