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Motivation Behind Behavior

…On Wednesday it irked me that this part of my life had been ignored on both sides and now that she’s leaving in a little under a month… Continue reading

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The $40 Grilled Cheese

… Obviously it’s my own fault and I guess it’s a little crazy that I’ve lived in Gainesville for five years and until last night haven’t had my car removed from anywhere… Continue reading

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Sonny Jim

This time last year I was preparing for graduation because it was less than three weeks away. Little did I know that my grandad was coming from England (even though my mom did slip and tell me a few weeks … Continue reading

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Round Two, Confirmed

I found out today that this summer I’m going to again be the teaching assistant for the robots class. I’m happy because I’ll be able to be active in those projects, get paid for my time, and improve my skills … Continue reading

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I Need a Vacation

…at the end of the week I’m usually so burned out that I can’t really recall each of the days discretely because they all seem to blend in to one another. Continue reading

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