The $40 Grilled Cheese

After seeing my movie last night, I decided to stop by Jenni’s house for a grilled cheese. Usuaully I park in the lot that is 50 yards from her from door but for whatever reason I decided to park in the lot they say they tow from. In the four years she’s lived there she said she’s only seen one person get towed. Well, now that number is two. Obviously it’s my own fault and I guess it’s a little crazy that I’ve lived in Gainesville for five years and until last night haven’t had my car removed from anywhere. The bright side is the driver let me pay $40 to drop it in the parking lot instead of the $76 to bring it all the way to Depot. How nice of him — I should write him a thank you card.

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2 Responses to The $40 Grilled Cheese

  1. Crystal says:

    Dripping with sarcasm…. Thanks one hella expensive sandwhich!

  2. Eric says:

    So you bribed the driver to leave your car. I suppose it’s better than going to the depot with four fresh 20’s out of the ATM and have clerk at the depot say they don’t have any change even though you clearly see 1’s sitting there.

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