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Earlier today I booked my flight to Trondheim and now I’m getting more and more excited about the trip. I’ll be leaving on Saturday, August 27th, at 5 in the afternoon. At around 8am the next morning I’ll arrive in Amsterdam, Netherlands — just in time to catch the 9am flight into Norway. I’ll have the majority of Sunday and all day Monday to go into the city and surrounding areas. Even though during the other four days I’ll have to be at the conference, there will be some some interesting social events in the evening.

On Monday night the mayor of Trondheim will be hosting a gathering at the oldest secular building in Scandinavia at about 800 or 900 years old:

Archbishop's Palace

The organizers also have a boat trip to see the Norweigian fjords, a couple of museum tours, and even a large banquet dinner. Probably the thing I’m most anticipating is getting to see an organ concert at the Nidaros Cathedral — a massive building that’s been around since the middle ages.

Nidaros Cathedral

A one week trip to a completely foreign land is both exciting and scary. I don’t speak (nor have I have I ever tried) Norwegian BokmÃ¥l or Nynorsk — the two official languages of the country. It’s funny that in elementary school — fourth grade to be exact — I did a report on Norway… I never thought I’d actually be going there, though. The Norwegian Kroner (NOK) to US dollar (USD) exchange rate of 6.62:1 won’t really help me too much because from what I’ve checked out on the web everything tends to be more expensive there (due, in part, to the VAT).

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