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In the Residences section of today’s edition of The Palm Beach Post, my dad came across one of the research projects that I’ve been involved with and working on for the past eight months. The Gator Tech Smart House is a home located in the University of Florida’s Oak Hammock living community and caters to the pervasive computing needs of the elderly. Written by Sue Kovach, the article gives a brief overview of a few of the sensors located with the home. It gives me a strong sense of pride to know that something that I’ve had a hand in designing is appearing in newspapers and is gaining some kind of public knowledge — even more so when the Australian Discovery Channel airs what was taped in the house earlier this year. Most of the projects college students do never amount to anything, so I’m happy to see the success for everyone involved.

I looked but was unable to find the blip on The Post’s website, so I’ve attached the completed article at the bottom of this entry. Below is Youssef Kaddoura holding one of the boards we are about to replace with the platform that I’ve designed.

Youssef Kaddoura and the Smart Floor

The Palm Beach Post Article

More information or a better description of the Smart House can be found in an issue of the IEEE magazine or from the Gator Tech Smart House website.

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  1. Crystal says:

    Yah…. So happy for you. and proud of you too

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