LMD18200 H-Bridge Motor Driver

After months of procrastination, I have finally put together the project page for the LMD18200 H-bridge motor driver. I uploaded all of the schematic and PCB documents as well as a simple bill of materials.

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  1. sam says:

    thanks for the info.. im using this chip myself. . but im still having issues. could you post a test circuit, for use without a microcontroller… i am trying to use it for R/C purposes at the moment.. and have taken an RC out of an old car.. its signal is going to be from the motors going backwards or forwards or nothing.. but im having problems making the chip do anything desirable..

    oh, and whats a bootstrap?


    ps. my newer site is http://www.sam.kevhosting.com, (it will ahve some content on this matter under robotnik!) but it is read only.. i have broken my ability to post new content…oops!

  2. Darragh says:

    Hi, i got two of the LMD18200 H-Bridge chips and got it working nicely @ 12v. the moter was lite about 200mA max.
    but i have a problem the chip now has pin 6 and 7 shorted! even when i have the chip disconnected the pin’s are shorted, do you know if this would mean that it is blown?


  3. Jorge says:

    Hello there!
    I want to use this chip, the LMD182000T, to control the speed of an air pneumatic. The pneumatic uses 24V, 40mA to run and one line has to be active while the other has to be grounded. The issue I see this chip is one output provides the pwm while the other 24V and viceversa when using the direction. Is it possible to change the 24V line output to 0V? or is that how an H-bridge works.
    BTW if you answer ASAP that would be awesome. I’m close to a deadline 🙂

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