The Flight Over

I’m finally here in Trondheim, Norway, after about 18 hours of travel. The flight from Orlando to Amsterdam was delayed an hour so getting into Amsterdam an hour later made it difficult to catch the Fokker 100 jet over to Trondheim. We managed, although I would’ve enjoyed the opportunity to walk around Schiphol but there isn’t any reason we can’t do that on the way home. Both flights were bumpy but the transatlantic journey was cold and noisy. Fortunately for us, Raja and I got seats in the emergency exit but it was right behind the jet turbine and the emergency exit was freezing cold. The trip from the Trondheim airport to the actual city takes about 30 minutes by bus or taxi. Along the way we went into three tunnels — something you don’t ever do in Florida.

Norwegian Tunnel

The drive from the airport went quickly because all of the scenery is new to me. We drove by these pristine wheat fields and the landscape was sprinkled with different colored houses. Raja and I noted that the majority of the houses we were seeing were red, but interspersed among the grasses and fields were also a few white, green, and yellow colored homes. The bus driver informed us that many of the less wealthy families would paint their homes red because of the abundance of copper mines that existed in the region. An oxide found in the copper mines when mixed with water and other ingredients would generate a red paint that was cheap (or free) enough for a lot of people to use. I did some additional research on the topic and discovered this type of paint is called Falu red and originates in Sweden.

Norwegian Wheat Field

We arrived safe and minus one piece of luggage that is essential to our demonstration. Luckily, though, it arrived in the hotel last night after 11pm. The town is really quaint with a lot of small cobblestone roads and very narrow alleyways. I’ll have some more time tonight after the evening’s events to explain more of what is here.

I knew it wasn’t going to be hot here but the temperature is ridiculously cold for August as far as I’m concerned — a mere 55 degrees right now (it’s almost noon). There’s obviously going to be a weather difference between Wellington and Gainesville and above the 60th parallel but Florida lows are twice that of the lows expected here during the week.

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