Hillsboro, Oregon

I got here early to avoid Hurricane Wilma and any possibility that the storm had to disrupt my leaving Orlando and getting here to Oregon on time. Thankfully, Intel was open to the idea of me coming out a day early. I wanted to leave early to beat the hurricane on my way out and now it looks like I might have problems coming back because of the tail end of the storm depending on how far north the storm travels.

The Delta flights over were fairly painless. From Orlando to Atlanta I slept the entire time, and from Atlanta to Portland I was lucky enough to have a “bad” window seat. I say bad because accoring to www.seatguru.com my seat was listed as “bad” and unfortunately couldn’t be changed before I checked in. It didn’t turn out to be bad after all because of an unpredictable situation. A few minutes after takeoff the air conditioning went out and they could either turn around to have it replaced or just suffer through it and get to Portland. The pilot didn’t turn around and near the center of the plane (where I was sitting — row 33 to be exact) was rather warm. Sitting next to the window seat, though, allowed me to lean up against the wall where it was considerably cool than the rest of the cabin.

When I got to Portland I got set up with my rental car. I was told I was getting a compact for the three days I will be out here — so that is what I was expecting. I got my keys, and found the right parking space but something appeared to be wrong. On either side of space #808 were two compact cars, but in the space for which I had keys stood a ’06 Buick SUV. I didn’t want to go back and say something, so I got in and drove away. I don’t know if it was a mistake or not but it’s nice to drive in such a big car when normally I’m in a small Corolla.

The whole trip took a little less than 11 hours from doorstep to hotel which isn’t bad considering there were no direct flights out of Orlando. Tomorrow will be interesting as I’m going around town with Max — a friend of mine from UF. I really enjoy that I get three days… the first two to relax and the third to work hard during my interview.

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  1. Eric says:

    You haven’t posted anything since this. How did your interview go?

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