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Nancy Pelosi’s Eyeball

I found this image in a collection of Yahoo! News Photos: Apparently, this unfortunate photo was taken during a speech at the 2007 “Take Back America” conference in Washington, June 20, 2007. Original source of the image is Reuters, but … Continue reading

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China, Day Three

Today started out earlier at about 5:30am while I prepared for today’s meetings with a tight schedule of four companies. After finalizing the consideration metrics I headed downstairs for the “Western” breakfast that is served here at the Grand Skylight … Continue reading

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China, Day Two

The rest of my flight went really well.  On our final approach, it was tough to see the Hong Kong skyline due to the fog and glumless of the inclement weather.  That was a little disappointing because I wanted to … Continue reading

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China, Day One

This morning the alarm chimed at 4:50am Eastern Standard Time. I woke up Crystal and we left the Rock Rose Hotel (Nick and Tammy’s house and my former residence) headed for Orlando International Airport. Having only slept a few hours … Continue reading

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Bankruptcy in the US in 2006

For the past two years, I’ve been an avid listener to The Dave Ramsey Show. The financial advice is solid and has encouraged me to change the way I handle money. In just ten months I’ve had a significant swing … Continue reading

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Getting MP3s, M4As/AAC, and DVDs to Play in Ubuntu

I’m like receiving podcasts/netcasts from the web, but in Ubuntu they do not play with the standard installation. This isn’t by accident nor is it an oversight, but is due to licensing and legalities. There are tons of Ubuntu Linux … Continue reading

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Getting the Screen Resolution to 1440×900 in Ubuntu

One of the annoying things right out of the box is that the default screen resolution (1440×900) is not automatically detected. Instead, Ubuntu and Xwindows shows 1024×768 — which on this screen looks horrible on a widescreen LCD. Fortunately, this … Continue reading

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Ubuntu 6.10 with Parallels Workstation

Over the past few months, I’ve been moving more and more towards using an open source operating system full time. I no longer have a useable desktop and it’s too expensive right now for me to build a new system … Continue reading

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Looking Downtown

Looking Downtown I took this photo on Tuesday morning atop Rockefeller Center. It was extremely cold because of the 20 something temperature and wind 70 floors up.

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Working With Bitmaps in the .NET Compact Framework

On my latest project I found a need to use Bitmap images in my .NET Compact Framework application. Using Visual Studio 2005 (Beta 2) and the Windows Mobile 5 SDK the application is currently stable on an HP iPAQ running … Continue reading

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