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Round Two, Confirmed

I found out today that this summer I’m going to again be the teaching assistant for the robots class. I’m happy because I’ll be able to be active in those projects, get paid for my time, and improve my skills … Continue reading

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Round Two, Perhaps

Today I received a copy of an email today from one of my professors to the vice chair of the department asking for me to again be one of the teaching assistants for the robotics class over the summer. It … Continue reading

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The Resume

I think tomorrow i’m going to show up tomorrow with a Hawaiian t-shirt, a pair of board shorts, sandles, and a six foot sombrero… and I’ll see how the cattle call goes. Continue reading

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My First Lecture

Next Tuesday I’m going to be giving my first ever full 50 minute lecture to the IMDL class. I guess it isn’t so much a lecture, but a tutorial on how to create robot parts that will eventually be cut out of balsa wood…. Continue reading

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One Thing Accepted

It always seems as soon as I count something or someone out a door to that thing or person opens. Continue reading

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My First Midterm

So as of Tuesday at five o’clock I’ve been finished with my first midterm as a graduate student. Continue reading

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Keep in Touch… or Not

One day midway through my senior year of high school some four and a half years ago I was sitting at lunch table with the usual three other people: Kari Bowen, Ryná Wolfe, and Ben McAfee. Continue reading

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15 Weeks to Go…

Never in my life have I felt this way, and I keep telling myself that I should work hard and everything will sort itself out. Continue reading

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The Almost First Day of Grad School

Let me preface this with how I will never post about my day with minuscule details as are given as an example in the following excerpt: “So today I fed my cat and/or pet lizard, went to drop off my … Continue reading

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One Thing Denied

the experiences of the past 36 hours made me rethink my life’s path Continue reading

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