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Demo Number 1

This morning the VLDB presentation of the software and demo went well, and this afternoon it was time for the actual demonstration to the conference participants. We had a total of seven sensor platforms ( that went on to the … Continue reading

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LMD18200 H-Bridge Motor Driver

After months of procrastination, I have finally put together the project page for the LMD18200 H-bridge motor driver. I uploaded all of the schematic and PCB documents as well as a simple bill of materials.

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Smart House in The Post

In the Residences section of today’s edition of The Palm Beach Post, my dad came across one of the research projects that I’ve been involved with and working on for the past eight months. The Gator Tech Smart House is … Continue reading

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4-Bit LCD Source Code

After a little work getting the page to match the rest of the website, I’ve finally put up my source code to display text on an LCD screen in 4-bit mode using a microcontroller. Continue reading

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Google Profiled on 60 Minutes (CBS)

It’s amazing to see a company that started only six years ago be worth more than Ford and General Motors (combined). I find it even more amazing that Google is so successful and hasn’t even put out a television commercial. … Continue reading

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