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China, Day Three

Today started out earlier at about 5:30am while I prepared for today’s meetings with a tight schedule of four companies. After finalizing the consideration metrics I headed downstairs for the “Western” breakfast that is served here at the Grand Skylight … Continue reading

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China, Day Two

The rest of my flight went really well.  On our final approach, it was tough to see the Hong Kong skyline due to the fog and glumless of the inclement weather.  That was a little disappointing because I wanted to … Continue reading

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China, Day One

This morning the alarm chimed at 4:50am Eastern Standard Time. I woke up Crystal and we left the Rock Rose Hotel (Nick and Tammy’s house and my former residence) headed for Orlando International Airport. Having only slept a few hours … Continue reading

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Hillsboro, Oregon

I got here early to avoid Hurricane Wilma and any possibility that the storm had to disrupt my leaving Orlando and getting here to Oregon on time. Thankfully, Intel was open to the idea of me coming out a day … Continue reading

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Norway Pictures Posted

After several days of trying to get the 100 Mb of data uploaded to the server, the photo gallery has been updated with Norway content. Pages eight and nine contain the three photo stitched panoramic views that I believe came … Continue reading

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Tonight at the VLDB conference banquet we were served something I’ve never eaten before: reindeer. To complement the entree was a starter of poached scallops with white wine, and a dessert of white chocolate and orange mousse. As for entertainment … Continue reading

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Demo Number 1

This morning the VLDB presentation of the software and demo went well, and this afternoon it was time for the actual demonstration to the conference participants. We had a total of seven sensor platforms ( that went on to the … Continue reading

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Trondheim Sights

Since the conference didn’t start until today I was able to get out and do some sightseeing in and around Trondheim yesterday. I mentioned in a previous post that two of the most famous landmarks in the city are the … Continue reading

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The Flight Over

I’m finally here in Trondheim, Norway, after about 18 hours of travel. The flight from Orlando to Amsterdam was delayed an hour so getting into Amsterdam an hour later made it difficult to catch the Fokker 100 jet over to … Continue reading

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More Norway Fun

It’s funny that in elementary school — fourth grade to be exact — I did a report on Norway… I never thought I’d actually be going there, though. Continue reading

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