Wooden Desk

This project is probably not going to be an easy first woodworking project, but I was inspired by this week’s episode of the New Yankee Workshop. In the episode, Norm builds a massive wooden kitchen island and I thought I could use a new desk that looks similar and has similar features. I like the materials the kitchen island is made of: 3/4″ finished birch plywood with a poplar face, a thick desktop, and pull out drawers. I like my desks to have a large work area so I can spread out. The desk has to be heavy duty so I can build the robots but also be able to set my laptop down. It also helps if the desk is the right height ergonomically.

This isn’t a project I plan on starting anytime soon, but rather it’s a dream project. I need more permanent housing as well as a workshop in order to get everything done. While I can’t do any of the wood working until that time, I can start on the planning stages and get a good idea of the things I want.

In true engineer fasion, I’ve decided to throw together the entire design of the desk in AutoCAD, Pro/E, or Solidworks. We’ll see how well it turns out. I’ll give my account as the project progresses as well as my many lessons learned.

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